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Responsive Advanced Category Navigation

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Responsive Advanced Category Navigation helps you to promote your products from your category navigation.

What does it do?

Grafzahl AdvancedCategoryNavigation is a module for Magento 1.9.x to give your customers more information in your navigation to lead them to their desired product.

This module provides you options to display products directly at the category in the navigation as a preview. It also opens you the possibility to add short descriptions to every category in the navigation layer to better promote or explain your products. You can even display category images for a promotion into the category navigation.

As the main navigation is the central element that helps your customers to navigate through your store, this is the perfect place to highlight your best products or - what is even more important - to explain your products if you got a more explainable catalog.

The navigation is a layout element which is highly related and connected to your shop design. Therefore we optimized the templating for the category navigation. It is a Magento issue that the navigation is builded in the PHP Block instead of a template file.

We devided HTML and PHP to get a .phtml template file. So you can easily edit them to fit the category navigation to your design.

The included HTML and CSS is optimized for the Magento Madison Store default theme and support responsive layout.


  • - Add the category image to the category navigation
  • - Add custom CMS blocks to your category navigation
  • - Add products to your category navigation
  • - Add short descriptions to every category item in the navigation
  • - Use categories to group the sub-categories for a better structure
  • - Easily customize the HTML and CSS: navigation HTML structure has been moved to phtml template files
  • - Product images can be resized through the system configuration
  • - Supporting the responsive default theme for Magento 1.9.x

Bring more content to promote your products into your navigation

Bring short-description to your categories to lead your customer (1).
Integrate custom CMS blocks to your navigation to highlight a special category or give detailed description (2).
Show your products in the navigation right next to the category link (3).

Group your categories

You can define categories which will be displayed as headlines to give your navigation a better structure (1).

It supports responsive layout

Looks even great on mobile devices.
(1): Short description.
(2): Subnavigation with short-description.
(3): Example CMS block for category "New Arrivals".
(4): 4 Products of category "New Arrivals".

Manual / Documentation

We deliver a detailed manual for installation and configuration for this module.
You'll find the documention here: Documentation.

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Compatibility Magento 1.9.x
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