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Notify - a flexible and full featured Notification and Report module for Magento

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This module will give you endless possibilities to configure notifications, reports or actions on custom events everywhere in your store. Add data to your notifications which the module will inserts in case of an issue.

What does it do?

Grafzahl Notify is a module for Magento 1.8.x and 1.9.x to create regular reports or immediate notification on defined situations. It is also possible to add automated actions additional to any sent notification.


Create a new notification and add one or more trigger to them. Every trigger sends the notification on a defined event to the specified email address.

Every trigger has own environmental variables which can be used to create the content for the notification. At first, you choose if the notifications should be summarized daily, weekly, monthly as a report, or if you want to get any notification immediately as an issue occurs.

In case of immediately sent notification you define message templates. In case of report you can define elements to visualize the summed up data.


For every trigger you can define condition rules that will decide if an issue will be recorded and the notification be sent.


You can configure a report with the data which is provided by the specific trigger and visualize them with one of these elements: Table, Graph-Chart, Bar-Chart, Fact-Chart.

Automated Actions

Automate your actions - Choose for every trigger one of these actions to execute immediately after the trigger was called. Here is an example: The trigger: If a customer leaves the checkout (e.g. goes back to the catalog). Execute the Action: Apply a coupon to the customers cart.


  • - Immediate notifications via email on any situation in the store
  • - Select out of 35 trigger to track issues and their environment information
  • - Notifications can be set to sent immediately or summed up in daily, weekly or monthly reports
  • - Add environment information to the notifications as you need it
  • - Add automated actions to the notifications (e.g. add a coupon to the cart, if customer submits a review)
  • - Define condition rules for every notification trigger to ensure getting only those notifications you need to know
  • - Display occured issues from the admin panel with the collected data

Advantages over other report modules

  • Self hosted data

    Keep all your and your customers data on systems you trust. No data will be saved on other systems. Your analytics will stay fully under your control.

  • Extendable

    Every online shop is more than a default software. You invested a lot to fit the store to your needs. Notify will help you to cover every customized edge of your shop. You can easily create custom notification trigger to monitor every function in your store.

  • Highly customizable

    Define notifications only with data that matter to you. Pick from these visual elements for your reports: table, line-graph chart, bar chart, fact number.

  • Stay up to date - if the issue is crucial

    Define if the notification should be send to you immediately or as a report on daily, weekly or monthly basis. Define conditions which decide if a notification is created or not.

  • h3>Add automated action

    Grant your system this marketing automation feature and boost your sales! Some situations require immediate action - otherwise a customer would leave. With notify you can define actions that are executed on notifications.

For Developers

This module will give you endless possibilities to configure notifications, reports or actions on 35 events everywhere in your store. You also can easily extend the module with custom events.

Manual / Documentation

We deliver a detailed manual for installation and configuration for this module.
You'll find the documention here: Documentation.

More Information
Compatibility Magento 1.8.x, Magento 1.9.x
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